Upcoming Pop Up Art Exhibit Trapped In My Own Imagination


Join us for my upcoming show on Saturday June 9, 2018. Private reception from 5pm to 7pm and open to the public from 7pm to 11pm. Free and family friendly, so bring your kids. Taking place at LeiminSpace 443 Leimin Way, Los Angeles.

For private reception rsvp at pr@timoi.com

New work, mixed media, Virtual and Augmented Reality stations.

I will perform live virtual reality art that you will be able to immerse yourself in through VR goggles.

The body of work featured in this exhibit depicts the life of my main character Calo.

It is an interactive art experience. I am a conceptual artist and so my work is not complete without you.


Curated by ProjectRangel

Hope to see you there.


Some of the work featured


I would like to thank Project Rangel, Magda Audifred and LAVA Video Artists for their contributions.