“Do You Hear What I hear” Holiday Pop-Up Art Gallery!

DYHWIH Pop up gallery space 23 front-01 DYHWIH Pop up gallery space 23-01


Timoi’s Holiday Pop-Up Art Gallery

Friday December 6, 2013

Here we go! I have invited some of my favorite artists to sell their work with me for the holidays! It’s going to be super hot in winter time. Space Twenty Three is a prime location and each artist is going to have some awesome art. Some of the artists will also have merchandise available! Art is the best investment you can make as we all already know, it only grows in value! Bring your holiday spirit and come have a merry time with all of us! Each artist has their own flavor. I wanted to bring the different realms of “Fine Art”, “Street Art” and “Graffiti Art” under one roof. An art buffet of some of the best.

Join us!!!

Timoi, Isabella Gottlieb, David Bianchi, Eriberto Oriol, Melly Trochez, Magda Audifred, HEX TGO, Atomik, Seth Williams, Proto1 & Dirt Cobain

Jewelry by
* Featuring a collaboration with Timoi along with her own original precious stone pieces.

Organic Goods by
Alegria Xocolatl
* Featuring her organic, raw vegan chocolate, skin care and therapeutic-grade oils and lip balms.

Music by
DJ Hallucin8 & DJ Grip
“Grand Official.”

7763 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90046
6pm – 10pm

Open to the public with family vibes!
Refreshments & hors d’ oeuvres!

Sponsored by PopWater.com

Space Twenty Three is not a gallery. We are a ground level experience dedicated to all forms of creativity and creative expression. In art we are all created equal and Space Twenty Three does not pursue the velvet rope culture. We exist for the creative person and we ask that anyone who enters the door to the space comes as they are and opens themselves up to the experience. In addition to being an open space it is also the home of GuerillaOne.com and the Marketing Division.

The Secret Show Opening….

Ahhhh…I know I am super late on this post but truth is I have been super busy. I have though, shared it on social media. Thanks to everyone who supported that night!


Sandra de la loza Nandy Rangel Melly Eyeko leonardo da vinci isabella B V basquiat 2013-10-20 13.27 2013-10-20 13.22 2013-10-20 13.21


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IMG_8846- IMG_8848- IMG_7372- IMG_7407- IMG_7429- IMG_7432- IMG_7433- IMG_7437- IMG_7439- IMG_7440- IMG_7448- IMG_7451- IMG_7466- IMG_7538- IMG_7539-


IMG_7542- IMG_7548- IMG_7557- IMG_7577- IMG_7579- IMG_7580- IMG_7587- IMG_7601- IMG_7622- IMG_7624-

IMG_7630- IMG_7633- IMG_7637- IMG_7640- IMG_7646- IMG_7647- IMG_7649- IMG_7651- IMG_7652- IMG_7653- Timoi K Timoi RPhotos by Lottie Dottie, ChuckChilla, Bill Farroux, Heart of Art Gallery/KeniaGutierrez


Dakota Thompson

My latest painting for the Killer Calo Series is a portrait of Dakota Thompson. A young man I met while my time doing the Summer Meltdown painting live concerts. A beautiful young man with a radiant soul. His journey in this realm is just the beginning. Dakota and KaylaHere is a picture of Dakota and another favorite of mine from YIC Summer Meltdown the young and beautiful Kayla Hollinger.


Dakota 1Here is Dakota wearing a Seneca Regalia. Dakota is of Seneca Heritage.


Dakota Thompson KCS Timoi allI am in the business of collecting beautiful souls and I am very excited about this one. Dakotas talent and heart are in Philanthropy.


Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more…

Creatures of the night paintings

These paintings available at Heart of Art Gallery for Creatures of the Night art Show on May 25th

Don’t snooze!

Come see me


“Come See Me”
Mixed media on canvas
16″ x 20″
dont explain

“Don’t Explain”
Mixed media on canvas
16″ x 20″


La luna en tu mirada

“La Luna En Tu Mirada”
Mixed media on canvas
16″ x 20″