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I am pleased to announce I am taking part in this art show next week for artwalk. I am also putting my Frida painting for auction of which 50% of proceeds will benefit the Downtown Women’s Center. Please scroll for more info on the center and on the auction.Queens of LA

Thursday November 13, 2014

Higher Ground Promo & Da ILL Spot Presents

Queenz of LA

A Fundraiser For Underprivileged Women

Proceeds Going To:

Downtown Women’s Center


Downtown LA Art Walk | Free | 18+ | Silent Auction | Giveaways | Vape Lounge & Bar | Food & Beverages



Evaporate LA
120 E. 5th St.
Los Angeles

Hosted by Valeria Ponce De Leon

Art By:


Deity Art

Steady Jenny Photography

Jenvy Art


Alex The Brown [Photobooth]



DJ Lala

Michelle Q


Jackie Exoh

Lola La Showgirl (Live Beats)

Gabby Loks

In Exchange For Donations, Gifts will be provided by Our Sponsors:

Amoeba Music

Beat Swap Meet


Original Hip Hop Chocolates




This is a great video on The Downtown Women’s Center! Watch…


This is the Frida painting that will be auctioned. It will be uploaded to EBay so if you don’t yet have an EBay account, you still have time to get one. It’s very simple and fast. SO hurry and get one. Bidding will start at $50. The value of the painting is $3,000 but the highest bidder takes it home. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to The Downtown’s Women’s Center.

Bidding will commence on Tuesday November 11, 2014

“Frida’s backyard”

Mixed media on canvas

16″ x 20″




Bid starts at $50

frida ebay

frida detail frida detail2 frida detail3 frida detail4 frida detail 5I am bending a rule here and have made this painting available in print. If you can’t bid on the original, you can get a print at NUVANGO!


Thank you for visiting and supporting my work. I appreciate you with all my heart.





Deyzi Tzu

My latest addition to the Killer Calo Series®

Deyzi Tzu®

Deyzi Tzu KCS

It might seem at times I am not working. Always working…always creating…always.

Stay tuned for all the awesome projects I have coming up. I am also getting ready for a solo show. I wont be doing any shows until then, so if you want some of my work sooner than then, check out my store. Your support is greatly appreciated.

This is just a taste of all I have coming for the solo show.


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This weekend I painted a huge truck. My homage to the divine feminine of aerosoul art for this upcoming Women’s history month! I hope you enjoy it and if you run into it flick it and share it! A museum quality nude of our divinity…
Timoi start
Mimi startWith Screaming Mimi getting down on the other side…
Timoi Mimi start
Timoi sketch
Mimi beginning
Timoi bridgeUnder the Bridge…
Mimi TimoiTaking time to analyze my piece…
Mimi toys dont upset the master
Timoi motion shot
MimiI will be sharing Screaming Mimi’s finished piece soon…enjoy!
Timoi whole TruckPhotos by Rick Castro

Opening of Heart of Art Gallery


Painted this with Starr at Heart of Art Gallery…



Valerie, Nakia and Ms. 3

It was an amazing show. I have one pic to share with you of the night.

If you were there…

the way you make me feel by timoi

“The way you make me feel” Acrylic on wood 2013 kcs

New piece available at Heart of Art Gallery. Show will be up till Jan 26th.

I also have these other small pieces available. Please contact gallery if interested.



Banksy LA Forclosure Immigration mini easel Banksy LA Forclosure Immigration


Z lonely at the top

Z Love isZ Not bad

Z losing rightsZ Stomp on a biterZ Can kill

Heart of Art Gallery LA


1907 Rodeo RD

Los Angeles CA, 90018

Contact Kenia or Bell at heartofartgallery@gmail.com

What brings you here?

Wild…this year is quickly coming to an end and a great one is also quickly approaching.

I feel great about all the art I created in 2012. I do feel I could have done even more. I hope this year 2013 I exceed my expectations. I have some pretty awesome projects lined up for 2013. I have a couple in the next few days that I will be sharing as well. For now, here are my favorite pieces of 2012 so far from me series as Timoi, Killer Calo Series, India and Isabella Gottlieb.


1a expo timoi 10

This one is a collaboration with India, Timoi and Isabella Gottlieb painted at Kilometro Cero Galeria in the Palacio Nacional Guatemala.   2a mb13

This one, Bendita Maldicion (Blessed curse) was painted in an old army base in Xela, Guatemala. Some blessings come in the form of a curse. Here this character by India is being whispered stories by the Mayan Twins Hunahpu and Xlabanque. This is another collaboration between India, Timoi and Gottlieb…


This is another favorite by India. Siyah, which means black in Turkish. Siyah is a love name India gave one of her imaginary boyfriends. No matter which direction India took, there was Siyah…always on her mind.

venus and

This might be my most favorite by India. In a few words it depicts Orions belt, Betelgeuse, Venus, Milky way, Cerebral Spectrum, Mayan gods and the Creator. All very important aspects in the life of Mayan based on the Popol Vu and conversations with my people.

1a h

Gottlieb does not have much to show for, but this is my favorite thus far. A woman sitting naked on her couch having a glass of wine, pensive.

efrain la nina MIA timoi y spaint all

This one is a collaboration with Spaint EKS from Guatemala and Timoi from teh KC Series. This piece was dedicated to the Guatemalan Master Efrain Recinos and to the feminine spirit. This mural is located just block from the Palacio Nacional.


This one is a portrait of Model MJ Alvarez. I love this one especially because of the technique….you can really see the technique here. I also love this one because of the memory. The business owner threatened me to sue me if I continue to paint…haha…This was painted in Guatemala. I had the last laugh, since I knew the building owner.


I love this one because it depicts Day of the Dead for Guatemala. A slightly different tradition from the rest of Latin America. It is a Mayan tradition to fly kites. Kites are used to scare off evil spirits that come to bother our deceased and also to transmit messages to our ancestors. On this painting Calo is flying a kite in a cemetery she created where she summons her past loved one and some of her favorite people like Bruce Lee or Nikolas Tesla.  The cemetery is located by the tree of life and the Milky way, which is believed to be the road souls take after death.Santa Muerte

My lovely and gorgeous Holy Death.

DSCF7836 Timoi and DOD art installation Ofrenda Altar timoi altar kites

My Altar for Day of the Dead created for the new Grand Park in front of City Hall in Los Angeles.


I don’t do much pieces, but I love this one.

ms 3 a

Portrait of Ms. 3…I love her. I painted this on the floor…not bad…not bad.


OMG…my pollito….I didn’t know how cute a lil chick could be…One day I will have chickens as pets. They are so full of soul and love…how can anyone not see!!!1a la brea4

This is one of my favorite because of it’s location.

Timoi Isabella Black Valentine KCS

This is a digital piece. This is a character of Isabella Black Valentine, a black widow from England who migrated to the Mayan ruins in ancient times. Collects hearts in a jar. Some have gotten away but sooner or later she will have them…Isabella BV is a hermaphrodite originally from Ethenz who acquired the black widow traits on earth. More on her later…


I might do a blog on my favorite moments of 2012…maybe….


Thanks for visiting!

Rebellious Beauty Jan 12 2013

RB_BACK RB_FRONTNew works will be available!



DSCF8142Miss 3 getting ready for her gallery opening. She has been working hard for this day. You wont want to miss the experience of what it is to walk into her gallery. She has invited female artists from all walks of life to showcase their work. It’s an installation she has been working on for a few months.



This one reminds me of you.


DSCF8168DSCF8165I want one of these….


DSCF8162Art by Miss 3.

The first 25 people will receive an original piece of art by Miss 3…



Heart of Art Gallery


Ms. 3 (BELL3)

Today I visited my friend Ms. 3, an amazing artist and one of the most beautiful toughest and sweetest people I know. She is the bad mama who is super sexy , is as real you as you can get, will cut you if you get in her way and saves animals lives even if it costs her time, money, energy and the awkward looks of insensitive human beings. Her and her lovely wife Kenya are opening a gallery in South LA this January and it’s going to be amazing. Ms. 3 has been working hard on her art, which I would show you but you will have to wait for the opening of the gallery… It blew me away.

I painted this character of her because she is a true soulful being that I love and admire. I had to add her to my Killer Calo series. Immortalize her in my work. You cannot find her online, but her shows get super packed and she is infamous without the internet. She doesn’t believe in FB or any other social network and I truly admire that in this day and age.


Below is just one sculpture she did with the cast of my body. The above character of her was inspired by this series of hers below, which she has plenty of more posted around the gallery.

I cannot post more photos of her yet, so here is this simple one. She was mad happy with the character I created of her as it captures her essence.I really want to share more photos of her as she is super beautiful and super sexy. Photos of her to be shared soon plus better photos of the art piece. Thanks!


Below is her artist statement.

“ART is another form of communication in which artists speak the words that were never created by the intellectuals. Art will be the most important thing left in this fucked up world because it not only has meaning but it also captures a piece of the artists soul. I, BELL3 was in infected with art and now I am ready to show the world my infection.

The art within art is the wound that we were created in, the woman that gave us birth is the only true artist. Every woman has an inner artist that creates peaces of art called children. The creators who never get enough credit, the women that were suppressed for hundreds of years, this is for you.

The only true thing in this world is never seen and never heard but only felt and only through that feeling is the energy that I create my art.” Ms. 3 (Bell)



Thank you for visiting! Be creative, unique, original, bold, innovative, true, have integrity, be groovy and stay real with a big heart.




Day of the Dead Altar photos

My Ofrenda Altar installation for this weekends DOD at Grand Park LA.


Thank you Pocha and Victor Peña

Thanks to all who visited me…hope you enjoyed it.

Siempre en Nuestros Corazones




They were playing in the skies…



Quesadilla…pan dulce…pepian.

four of my interests….my favorite kite…Went home with a lovely family….



Al descubrir…






Corre, corre caballito…