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You have come to the right place if you love art, fashion and everything cute with a splash of FIERCE! Cotton Candy Dreams Collection ( CCDC) is an artist’s vision of beauty in all things around us. Timoi transfers the idea of Life as a Carnival to paper and creates a unique, vibrant reality where everyone is invited to enjoy the freedom, color and play.

This is a World of Limitless Expression – this is Cotton Candy Dreams Collection.

Cotton Candy Dreams Collection is here to enhance everyone’s daily life – regardless of age, sex or race.
CCDC will be releasing products in beauty, fashion and confectionary – and would love YOU to join us.

About Us

TIMOI, an acronym for Trapped In My Own Imagination is a lifestyle pop artist brand based in the city of arts and innovation, that is, the city of Riverside CA. The acronym TIMOI was born in Los Angeles to artist Susana De Leon in 1999. In 2003, the Killer Calo Series was born, which is a big part of the TIMOI brand. The Killer Calo Series is a story of an eight-year-old character by the name of Calo. Calo comes from a universe in another dimension. The name of their galaxy is Zovereignty Galaxy The Great. All creative and innovative beings come from there.


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Have a favorite character? Take a look at what we have with your favorite character. Each character has their unique personalities and you might relate to one more than another because you too are just as unique as our characters!

Our Open Edition Keychains!

Shop our accessories. Our first drop are these totally cute quality metal Open Edition keychains.

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