Killer Calo Series Characters


Calo is an immortal, eight year old with the wisdom of an elder. They came to earth on a mission to inspire and help out humanity. They also came to learn the important lesson that one must protect galaxy Zovereignty at all cost. Earth is a planet of mortality and imbalances and is not a place such of Zovereignty, Galaxy The Great. Calo is from planet Ethenz and is intersex that goes by the pronoun, They. While here, Calo collects souls to take back with them to Zovereignty, and they also get to meet others from their galaxy living on earth.


Briana is a Super Model who loves to dance any chance she gets. She is sweet and gentle to those whom she loves. Briana is from planet Oaziz and goes by the pronoun She. No one can ever mistake her kindness for weakness because she is fierce and is never afraid nor shy. Briana is quite the popular babe. Everyone loves her as she is quite pleasant to be around. The BFF everyone wants. Briana’s mission on earth is to inspire humanity and to prove that thick is sexy. She never holds back from protecting the most vulnerable amongst us.


Holly is a business entrepreneur who owns Beauty Parlor’s across the world. Holly is the go to babe if you want to know anything about beauty. Holly is from planet Ethenz and are intersex and go by the pronoun, They. Holly is pretty busy so they can come off as very cut throat. However, those who know them best, know they are only professional and precise. Holly’s mission on earth is to motivate humans by being the best example they can be. Holly mentors young trans and intersex people whom want to start their own businesses. They protect the good hearted and kind.


Tootsie is one of quadruplets Itza, Catalina and Tanya, and also sister to Briana. Tootsie is a fashion blogger and loves to go to raves and fashion parties. She is sought after for her popularity but she is not an influencer, just a very popular bb with a talent for writting. She is also a poet and shares her poetry with the world. Her mission to earth is to highlight beauty in its true form and not based on a shallow way. Tootsie always has her magical weapons with her because she never knows when she’ll have to kill a demon or fend off bad vibes.


Carolina is an accountant and a genius mathematician. Just like all of my characters, she is also a martial artist and skilled in the usage of every weapon in the book.
All huemans living on earth have undercover jobs. In order to help humanity, they must stay super low key.  Her mission on earth is to protect hard working people from being used for their labor and not get paid for it. She is here to protect people from slavery.


Jezebelle is Calo’s mom sibling. They are super fierce and take no bs from anyone. They are a high rank hueman. Their mission here on her is to protect Calo from all evil. They represent for light and dark so no one can really mess with them. They love makeup and looking good. Also known as the patron saint of makeup. Jezebelle is a vegan vampire like many from their galaxy.