Trapped In My Own Imagination Art Exhibit Pop Up

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Welcome to Trapped In My Own Imagination!     Saturday June 9, 2018 Leimin Space 443 Leimin Way, China Town LA       It took me three days to transform Leimin Space but the show took me six months to produce. So thank you to everyone that stopped by. It was a one night pop up art show so here is a virtual view of my show. Pictures don’t do the show justice but it is a small glimpse into what was and what is to come. Thank you.   Enjoy.         The beginning…                                   The show…                                         The story…           Divina’s calling…               The portal…             The birth of Calo…                         Calo turns one…                             Divina keeps falling in love with Calo…                           The invitation postcards…     Uptairs…                                     Calo masters her abilities and talents…                                           Calo’s 8th birthday gift…                                     Calo gets an idea…                               Calo glowed with excitement…                                             The portal to earth…                                   The consequences…                           Summoned by The M0st High…                                 Sadness overcame Calo…                             To be continued…               Special thanks to Nandy Rangel for being so invested and supportive through out the production of this art show. Also Gabriel Rangel for his creative direction and commitment to making this art show happen. Extremely grateful for both of them. The art show would not be the same without ProjectRangel. Thank you also to Schelsey from Leimin Space. Thank you to Nite N Dae for her support. Thank you to everyone that contributed and supported the show in one way or another! And of course thank you to everyone that stopped by to see the show and everyone that bought T Shirts and Pins!   Thank you for visiting!  ...

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Upcoming Pop Up Art Exhibit Trapped In My Own Imagination

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  Join us for my upcoming show on Saturday June 9, 2018. Private reception from 5pm to 7pm and open to the public from 7pm to 11pm. Free and family friendly, so bring your kids. Taking place at LeiminSpace 443 Leimin Way, Los Angeles. For private reception rsvp at pr@timoi.com New work, mixed media, Virtual and Augmented Reality stations. I will perform live virtual reality art that you will be able to immerse yourself in through VR goggles. The body of work featured in this exhibit depicts the life of my main character Calo. It is an interactive art experience. I am a conceptual artist and so my work is not complete without you.   Curated by ProjectRangel Hope to see you there.   Some of the work featured   I would like to thank Project Rangel, Magda Audifred and LAVA Video Artists for their...

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